Invisalign Dentist Rocklin

Invisalign Dentist Rocklin

Patients can correct their smiles at any age with help from Dr. Sanders, Invisalign dentist in Rocklin. Depending on patient preference, personal factors, age and treatment goals, our dentist may use metal braces, Invisalign or a combination of treatments to fix bite irregularities. Here is more about the services offered by our Rocklin Invisalign dentist.

Early treatment is designed to guide the development of the teeth and jaws before adolescence is reached. Children generally do not develop extensive orthodontic problems before age seven, which makes preventive care important during this stage. Everything from overbite to excessive crowding and lower jaw recession can be addressed during early treatment. Additional protection against adult orthodontic problems is given in the form of advice from our Invisalign dentist in Rocklin about stopping bad habits, such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing, which often disturb normal development.


Adolescent orthodontic care is performed to correct the appearance of the teeth and jaws during later development. Treatment time is faster and more comfortable thanks to Innovation braces, a newer product made by GAC. In addition to metal braces, which offer custom appearance in the form of colored bands, Invisalign is available to patients in this age group. Image-conscious teens often appreciate the discretion of the virtually invisible aligners.

More adults are pursuing orthodontic care to boost their appearance and ability to speak and eat. Although adults can be treated with metal braces or clear braces, many adults choose Invisalign treatment for the reduced impact it has on their lifestyle. Comfortable, convenient, removable and practically invisible, Invisalign aligners let adults keep their confidence during treatment, which can often be completed in just a year. Instead of requiring painful adjustments, such as those necessary for metal braces, Invisalign treatment appointments only involve monitoring progress and switching aligners.

Most adult and adolescents are candidates for Invisalign treatment, but those whose jaws are still developing and those with several crowns or bridges cannot usually receive Invisalign. Only a consultation with Dr. Sanders, Rocklin Invisalign dentist, can determine candidacy for individual patients. No matter what treatment patients choose, they can count on looking fantastic after their orthodontic correction is complete.

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