Effectiveness of Braces

Effectiveness of Braces

When your teeth are crooked, misaligned, or have problems with the bite, you may wonder about your options for fixing your smile. Braces are a highly effective way to fix even serious problems with the alignment of teeth or the bite. If you are considering braces, our orthodontist in Rocklin can help.

Braces force the teeth to move in very precise ways, including horizontally and vertically in addition to repositioning them so that they are no longer misaligned. Brackets and wires place pressure on the teeth in strategic ways, forcing the teeth to slowly shift into their correct position.

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Many patients, especially older teens and adults, hesitate to receive orthodontic treatment since the wires and brackets may hinder their ability to comfortably smile. After all, the metallic look that traditional braces lend to the smile is often associated with children. However, modern orthodontics has created a variety of options for braces that will minimize the visibility of the brackets and wires. Some braces have transparent brackets and others are applied on the insides of the teeth rather than the outsides. Dr. Sanders, expert in braces in Rocklin, can evaluate your smile and help determine which type of braces or treatment is right for your needs.

Dr. Sanders provides customized treatment solutions for each individual patient to ensure that end results are achieved. Feel free to contact Dr. Sanders to schedule a consultation today. The friendly staff here at About Face Dental is eager to meet new patients and help them begin on the road to an even, radiant smile.

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