6 Month Braces Rocklin

6 Month Braces Rocklin

Patients who need only minor bite adjustments may qualify for fast treatment from our expert in 6 month braces in Rocklin. Like traditional braces, six month braces involve a combination of bonded brackets and wires. Unlike the one to two years required for full treatment with metal braces, however, six month braces finish correcting teeth in just four to nine months.

Six month braces can be valuable for patients in several situations. In cases of orthodontic relapse, another short corrective period with six month braces can offer fast resolution of problems. Some patients use six month braces as part of cosmetic preparations for a special event, such as an anniversary, wedding, or graduation. Finally, the shorter treatment period makes six month braces ideal for patients whose bite irregularities simply do not warrant one to two years of treatment with metal braces.

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Six month braces, as their name suggests, involve a shorter treatment period than what is common with metal braces. Accordingly, six month braces are designed for correcting only minor bite irregularities. If our Rocklin 6 month braces expert discovers more severe bite irregularities during an initial consultation, patients may receive recommendations for more extensive orthodontic care.

6 Month Braces Rocklin

Six month braces are installed like traditional ones, with brackets bonded to the teeth and threaded with wires that are tightened throughout treatment. Although discomfort can occur, it generally only lasts for a few days after each tightening session. At the end of treatment, our expert in 6 month braces in Rocklin removes the wires and brackets and gives patients retainers to wear to help maintain their results.

This treatment from our Rocklin 6 month braces expert is ideal for patients who have only minor orthodontic issues involving crowding or spacing. By choosing this option over full treatment in this situation, patients can save time and money and avoid longer periods of discomfort. To learn more about the capabilities of six month braces and find out if they are an option for specific orthodontic issues, patients can schedule a consultation with our Rocklin orthodontist.

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