Adult Braces in Rocklin

Adult Braces in Rocklin

Each year, millions of adults decide that it is time to get the smile that they deserve. Whether they have been suffering with misaligned teeth or bite problems since childhood or they are seeking to correct teeth that have reverted slightly after being aligned many years ago, they seek orthodontic care to correct the problem and to restore their smiles. Dr. Sanders, specialist for adult braces in Rocklin, has helped hundreds of adult patients achieve the smile they have always dreamed of.

Dr. Sanders, Rocklin adult braces dentist, knows the specialized needs and concerns that adults have when they seek orthodontic treatment. Many adult patients are concerned with the aesthetics of the alignment system. They do not want that “metal mouth” look that is so common with school pictures for teens. Instead, they seek a more understated method for aligning their teeth and correcting problems with their bite.

Rocklin adult braces dentist, Dr. Sanders, offers Invisalign aligners as well as braces with clear brackets to patients who are concerned with the looks of their smile. These options are much less noticeable than the traditional metallic or colored braces, allowing adults to have their teeth corrected without attracting undue attention.


Invisalign aligners are virtually unnoticeable because they do not contain any metal. Instead, the aligners are transparent plastic trays that slide over the teeth. Most people do not notice the aligners at all during casual contact with a patient who is wearing them, making them a good option for many adults. Adults also appreciate the fact that the aligners can be removed for cleaning and eating.

Some adult patients benefit more from traditional braces because their teeth must undergo certain precise movements that Invisalign cannot provide. There are options for these patients as well. Dr. Sanders, specialist for adult braces in Rocklin, offers braces with clear brackets. Although these braces still use a metal wire, they are much less noticeable than braces with the traditional, silver-colored brackets.

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