Early Orthodontic Treatments In Rocklin

White Braces Rocklin

Patients can visit our expert in white braces in Rocklin to receive a more discreet form of orthodontic correction. In contrast to metal braces, which use metal brackets, white braces use porcelain brackets that match the color of teeth. As a result, recipients are less likely to suffer disruption in their personal and professional lives while their teeth are being corrected.

White braces offer all of the aesthetic and functional benefits associated with other orthodontic treatments. For example, patients who visit our Rocklin white braces expert enjoy increased lifelong resistance against tooth decay and gum disease after having their teeth corrected. Patients also have a reduced risk of TMJ, a painful jaw joint disorder associated with bite irregularities. Last, but not least, white braces offer an improved appearance that can increase self-confidence.

Invisalign Braces In Rocklin


White braces work by the same principles involved in treatment with metal braces. Brackets that are bonded to teeth have a wire threaded through them that is tightened during regular appointments, continually pulling teeth into their new positions. Over time, the jaw bone adapts to these new positions to hold the teeth in place.

Patients who receive treatment from our expert in white braces in Rocklin can expect a consultation, one or more initial appointments and a series of regular appointments during treatment. During the consultation, our orthodontist identifies goals and creates a treatment plan. The first appointment is used to bond the brackets to the teeth and insert and tighten the wires. During subsequent appointments, our orthodontist progressively tightens the wires, which normally causes a few days of soreness for patients after each visit. Once the teeth have been corrected, our orthodontist in Rocklin gives patients a retainer for post-treatment retention of teeth positions.

During treatment with white braces, patients can help keep their teeth looking great by brushing and flossing daily and visiting our dentist as often as recommended. By scheduling a consultation with our Rocklin white braces expert, patients can learn more about white braces and decide whether this treatment is for them.

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